Online Counselling – The Next Wave Of Mental Health Services

With the improvements in treatment in many areas of mental health, none have been more exciting than the opportunities for online counselling.  So many mental health professionals are having success with treating depression & anxiety using online counselling services.  The convenience and the connection to clients is nearly parrallel to having the counselling experience in at your practice.

There’s a range of mental health issues that can be treated well using online counselling.  Consider depression treatment as a prime candidate for online therapy.  The same treatment modalities can be employed including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Minfullness Therapy.  These types of therapy are effective in an online counselling scenario and can be preferable.

Online Counselling Service
Online Counselling Service

Online anxiety counselling can also be very effective, especially when the client has other social phobias that allow them to get treatment in a secure & familiar environment.  Consider the younger segments of the population and their affinity with technology.  They’ll have no problem interacting with a counsellor or psychologist using counselling online over their phone or tablet.

The are many benefits to the cousellor or psychologists when providing online counselling services.  It allows the mental health provider access to a larger geographic area and through that they can choose to concentrate on particular mental health issues.  When you donlt have the overheads as a therapist, you can even afford to sepnd more time with your clients.

Obviously there’s a few areas of mental health that aren’t suitable for an online counselling service, but for the most part counselling online is a new avenue to reach out and get help.

It should go without saying that these services need to be of the highest qaulity and the qualifications required to be an online counsellor or online psychologist are equivalent to any form of private practice.

From where I’m sitting, there aren’t any drawbacks for the client or the mental health provider and there’s a solid argument that online counselling is going to become the premier form of depression & anxiety counselling.  So my advice is to get on the train and build yourself an online presence soon.

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