Website Design – Sunshine Coast Company Saved Our Ideas

If you’re only just beginning your private practice, you’re going to understand the need for great marketing and tapping into the existing client base in your immediate geographical area.  Whilst getting the mix right is not always an easy task, it’s one of the most important areas that any new business needs to to get right the 1st time.

We used an experience Sunshine Coast Web Design company that came highly recommended.  It was important to us a end users that we engaged a web development company that understood our needs and was able to execute help us create a beautiful, yet functional website combining our social media presence.

Website Design Sunshine Coast
Website Design Sunshine Coast

For our first meeting we came ready to the Sunshine Coast with website design ideas that we thought suited our needs.  We were surprised to learn that there’s quite a detailed and complicated list of requirements that need to addressed in order to make sure that our prosective website visitors would convert in clients and customers.

Our project was divided into 3 phases.  The 1st was the initial website design, then followed by implementing search engine optimisation over the long term and finally generating immediate paid traffic using Google Adwords & Facebook Ads.

We knew that our web design needed to be mobile responsive and adhere to the latest accessibility standards.  We knew that a large proporation of our customers would be accessing the website from a mobile device or tablet and not just from a desktop computer.

We found that it was quite difficult to get the website design and layout perfect across all devices.  We were so pleased with this Sunshine Coast Web Design company and the way they adjusted our web design to suit our needs and always giving us feedback on our requests, which were not always suitable.

They used the latest website design technologies and we opted to use WordPress as our content management system.  The advantage of using WordPress was that we didn’t want to be tied to a specific Web Design company on the Sunshine Coast.  They were happy with this understanding and after a process of around 3 weeks we came out with a platform that we were ready to present to the general public.

The next phase of the project was to begin addressing our need for search engine optimisation and using Google Adwords for generating paid traffic whilst were slowly built our organic web presence.

We only just begiiing that now, so we’ll update everyine on this process when we know a little more.